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The Big Barn

Keewatin Farm had been looking for a barn - after all, we are involved with horses. The original barn is still here but was converted to a machine shed more than twenty years ago. So when we learned that new owners of nearly property no longer wanted a big barn located in their farmstead, we became interested. It was in remarkably good shape for an 80-year old structure, and was definitely worthy of an extended life.

It seemed relatively easy at first - early financial calculations seemed to make it workable. But we have discovered since we purchased the barn more than a year ago that a big barn can mean a big job. The planning, the excavation, and the concrete work were all more intense because this new-to-us barn has a unique feature - a walkout basement at one end - a feature we wanted to repeat on the new site.

Moving it will be a feat - the moving company will take a week just to make the barn ready to move. And the whole neighbourhood wants to be on hand to see this event.

And it will be an event. But we want this barn to be notable for events. It will certainly be in its history - for a period in its life it was used for weekly summer barndances. We obviously expect to use the lower portion for horses but the upper section is suitable for a wide variety of functions - such diverse events such as art installations, concerts, dances, business retreats, group gatherings, family re-unions, perhaps weddings.

Of course, this won’t happen immediately. There is much work to be done but that is the plan. We’ll keep you up to date.

Anyone who is interested in seeing the move in person should let us know and we can notify you. Otherwise, just keep this page bookmarked and check it out from time to time.