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Keewatin Farm acquired its first Canadien horse in 1995. Our venture into horse breeding began with a dream. We had read articles about this fascinating horse breed with roots of more than 300 years in Canadian history. We were attracted to this versatile breed with a great disposition, and the ability to be both ridden and driven. Along with a friend, Greg Petroski, who shared the fascination, we went East to Quebec and Ontario, visited many different breeders and came home the proud owners of a bred mare, Athena.

Athena - our first Canadien - Adapting to her first Western winter

The next year we, and our friend Greg Petroski, bought out a herd from a breeder in northern Manitoba and so it goes.

We have chosen to focus on the more traditional type of Canadien horse, that of the stockier, sturdier version. Our horses average around 15 hands (the breed standards being 14 - 16 hands) , males typically being 15 h or a little more and females about 14.2 h-14.3h

Friend Greg Petroski with his stallion Felipe under harness

The traditionally sized Canadien is a horse with a strong constitution - limbs and lungs to last, a generally gentle and calm disposition, and a willingness to learn the many tasks which Canadien horses are asked to perform - from dressage to endurance.

Will and Elaine enjoying the Prairie winter

Superbe with friend Barry resting along the trail